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Hahn Accounting is a full service payroll company.  We can help you with whatever areas of the process you need assistance with.  We can do everything from process your payroll checks, to making tax deposits, as well as quarterly and annual reporting.

If you’d like to process your own checks but need help with just the report, we can do that too.  We have many clients we do the quarterly and annual reporting for but they take care of the process of checks and deposits.

We offer services such as direct deposit, electronically filing quarterly reports and w-2’s.

We are also available to complete workers’ compensation audits, assisting with government notices or retirement plan audits.

Being involved in the industry we stay up-to-date with laws and tax compliance, you don’t have to worry about keeping up with all the changes.  You can relax and know your payroll needs are being taken care of accurately and on time.  We will tailor your specific needs to the services we provide.